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          Company Profile 公司簡介 





          Hebei Zhidaan Technology Co., Ltd. is currently engaged in the design  construction of all-steel operation protection platform, attached lifting scaffolding, aluminum alloy formwork, new formwork reinforcement system, climbing formwork platform  other professional contracting. The company's main core team is a leader in related fields. It has hosted many domestic projects with high difficulty, large scale  landmark,  has served as the core responsible person in the construction  management of related projects. Construction management experience  innovation capabilities.

          The company is determined to become the leading company with the most technical service strength  the most business scale in China through unremitting efforts  continuous innovation. Adhering to the business philosophy of “Innovation changes the world, quality achieves the future”, the company adheres to the scientific development concept of “promoting development through management  benefiting  science  technology”,  builds a strong team of “positive, daring, enterprising  united”  practices “pushing” The enterprise aims to develop the industry  fulfill social responsibilities,  make new breakthroughs in products  services,  make positive  important contributions to the harmonious society of “scientific, low-carbon,  responsible”.