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Online Engagement Principles

In many ways, we found managing conversations in [Google] Wave much like managing them in any other online environment: create reward mechanisms for the things you want to encourage, develop ways of dealing with the things you want to prevent. Praise good activity publicly, deal with the bad in private. Understand and deliver what people want in return for giving of their time and expertise. Find the champions amongst your users, they want to do more to help. Offer people a variety of ways to get involved and make it easy for them to transition from lurker to participant.

by David Crane,,
source: as at 16 March 2010 – discussing the use of GoogleWave for a worldwide organisation of more than 1,000 debaters.

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eDAIS Assistance

In early 2009, Ess Consulting provided services to further progress the national “electronic Development Assessment” (eDA) initiative and its associated standard (the “electronic Development Assessment Interoperability Specification” – eDAIS).

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