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Python under Windows Correct Registry Entries

Even if one installs Python using the .MSI installers, it appears that the correct Windows Registry keys are not set.  See, for instance,–Failed-installation.-setuptools-0.6c11.win32-py2.6.exe-td26716013.html for further information.   Joakim Löw wrote a Python program to update the Windows Registry with the correct values, as needed, except that it used the old key, now corrected as per the “old nabble” page above.

The attached Python program is a slightly updated version of the original to set the registry keys correctly.


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Moving a WordPress site from one URL to another

If you want to move a WordPress site to a completely new URL, refer to (there are also instructions here: but the former site appears to be better) and perform the following:

  1. First, in the OLD site, do the following:
    1. Login to your site as wp-admin
    2. Go to the Administration > Settings > General panel.
    3. In the box for WordPress address (URI): change the address to the new location of your main WordPress core files (ie enter the NEW address in here)
    4. In the box for Blog address (URI): change the address to the new location, which should match the WordPress address (URI) (ie enter the NEW address in here)
    5. Click Save Settings.
  2. Now, copy the old site to the new site, using something like:
    1. cp -a <old-site> <new-site>
      1. PS, obviously have to have a shell into the server directory where the sites are located, or do it via FTP as appropriate
  3. Now, you should be able to use <new-site>
    1. Can optionally delete <old-site> or keep it as a backup

The other method outlined at the top of does work as well, but it sets the Admin screen in WordPress such that one can not change the URLs internally (one must edit the wp-config.php file).
Edit the wp-config.php file which is in the root directory of the WordPress installation, by adding the following two lines (anywhere, but suggest towards the top of the file):


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