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Ess Pty Ltd (ACN: 061-845-430 ABN: 20135742889 – trading name Ess Consulting) is a specialised consultancy organisation, focused on high-end high-value projects.   Ess Consulting principally operates in the mining, government, health, land, legal and justice arena, although it also performs work across many other business areas. The principal of Ess Consulting (Tony Sutherland) has provided services in the information, technology and communications field since 1980, with particular emphasis in the legal and justice arena, mining, education, land and government.  He has substantial experience with both large and small projects, spanning planning, general consultancy, system development, implementation and training.  Over this period, Ess Consulting has been involved in state-of-the-art technological developments, using the latest standards, methodologies, products, tools and techniques. Examples of the range of assignments completed by Ess Consulting include the following, inter alia:

  1. Management
    1. Programme Direction and Management
      1. Fiona Stanley Hospital Commissioning
      2. Decommissioning of the Office of Shared Services
      3. Shared Land Information Platform (Department of Land Information / Landgate)
      4. Department for Planning and Infrastructure
    2. Project Management
      1. Lasata Pty Ltd
      2. Coram Solutions Pty Ltd
    3. General Management
      1. Ess Pty Ltd
      2. Lasata Pty Ltd
      3. Coram Solutions Pty Ltd
      4. Execom Group
      5. Lawnow Limited
  2. Planning
    1. Business Planning / Reviews / Modelling including Business Process Re-engineering
      1. Coram Solutions Pty Ltd
      2. Execom Group
      3. Lawnow Limited
      4. State Solicitor’s Office
      5. Ministry of Justice (WA) – Overall, Courts
      6. Ministry of Justice (WA) – Criminal Injuries Recoveries
      7. WA Police Service
      8. Telecom Australia
    2. Information Planning
      1. Coram Solutions Pty Ltd
      2. Curtin University of Technology
      3. Ministry of Justice – Overall, Courts
      4. Office of Information And Communications
      5. WA Police Service
      6. Royal Automobile Club of WA
      7. Workcover (WA)
    3. Information Systems Planning
      1. All Saints College
      2. Australian Labor Party WA Branch
      3. BHP Iron Ore Ltd – Overall, Railroad, Marketing, Ore Processing
      4. Building Management Authority
      5. Crown Law Department
      6. Department of Employment And Training
      7. Department of Resources Development
      8. Fremantle Port Authority
      9. Hamersley Iron Power Division
      10. Intellect Australia
      11. Intellect Holdings
      12. Jardine Australian Insurance Brokers
      13. John Butler Stephen Crooks
      14. Legal Aid Commission of Western Australia
      15. office of Racing And Gaming
      16. Victorian Traffic Accident Commission
    4. Information Technology Planning and Reviews
      1. BHP Iron Ore Ltd – Overall, Mine Maintenance
      2. Department of Environmental Protection
      3. Fremantle Port Authority
      4. Hamersley Iron Pty Ltd Strategic Supply Support Unit
      5. Ministry of Justice (WA)
      6. Royal Commission Into Commercial Activities of Government
  3. Feasibility Studies
    1. Migration Feasibility
      1. BHP Iron Ore Ltd (Core Business Applications – MVS To Unix)
    2. System Feasibility
      1. Hamersley Iron Pty Ltd
      2. NCUIS
      3. State Law Publisher
  4. Tender Preparation, Software / Vendor Evaluation, Tender Responses
    1. Government Tenders
      1. City of Melville
      2. Crown Law Department
      3. Department of Planning
      4. Fremantle Port Authority
      5. WA Police Service
    2. Package Selection
      1. Jardine Australian Insurance Brokers
      2. Legal Aid Commission of Western Australia
      3. Ministry of Justice (WA) – Crown Solicitor’s office
      4. Ministry of Justice (WA) – Parliamentary Counsel’s office
      5. Pullinger Sanderson & Workman
      6. Royal Automobile Club of WA
      7. Silver Chain Nursing Association
    3. Tender Preparation
      1. ASG
      2. Oracle Australia Pty Limited
  5. Systems Architecture, Development and Deployment
    1. Development Methodologies, Processes, Procedures
      1. Australian Health
      2. Coram Solutions Pty Ltd
      3. Jardine Insurance Brokers – Australia and Hong Kong
      4. Silver Chain Nursing Association
    2. Architecture and Design
      1. Ministry of justice (WA) LVCASE and Family Court of Australia (CaseTrack)
      2. Coram Solutions Pty Ltd CourtCase
      3. NCUIS
      4. Yeshiva University
    3. Analysis, Requirements and Design
      1. Execom Conversions
      2. Family Court of Australia
      3. Jardine Australian Insurance Brokers
      4. Ministry of Justice (WA)
      5. Royal Automobile Club of W.A
    4. Detailed Design
      1. Lawnow Limited
      2. Coram Solutions Pty Ltd
      3. Ministry of Justice (WA)
      4. Yeshiva University
    5. Development Management
      1. Lawnow Limited
      2. Coram Solutions Pty Ltd
      3. Ministry of Justice (WA)
      4. NCUIS
    6. System Implementation
      1. ACT Courts and Tribunals
      2. NSW Attorney-General’s Department
      3. NSW Workers Compensation Commission
  6. Legal and Justice
    1. Case Management
      1. ACT Courts and Tribunals
      2. Ministry of Justice (WA)
      3. NSW Attorney-General’s Department
      4. NSW Workers Compensation Commission
    2. Litigation Support
      1. Australian Securities Commission
      2. Corporate Affairs Department – Rothwells Taskforce
      3. Ilbery Barblett & O’Dea
      4. Pullinger Sanderson & Workman
    3. Expert Witness
      1. Ilbery Barblett & O’Dea
      2. Kim Wilson & Co
    4. Office Precedent (Document Processing)
      1. Jackson Mcdonald
  7. Miscellaneous Services
    1. Procurement Management
      1. Department for Planning and Infrastructure
    2. Document Management
      1. BHP DRI Pty Ltd
    3. Benchmarking
      1. City of Melville
    4. Library Management
      1. Ministry of Justice (WA)
    5. Archiving
      1. Ministry of Justice (WA)


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