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Tony Sutherland

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(May 2015)

Tony Sutherland provides management and information consulting services, specialising in the planning, analysis and deployment of systems for strategic advantage, within organisations of all sizes.  Services provided by Tony include strategic business, information, systems and technology planning, facilitation, program and project management, change analysis and management, training, presentations, business process analysis and re-engineering, mentoring, advice, cost benefit analyses and feasibility studies, information systems selection and implementation advice and assistance.

In the more than thirty-five years that Tony has been involved with the information industry, he has provided services to a wide range of clients in Australia and overseas, including government (federal, state and local), justice and legal related agencies and organisations, health and hospitals, land and planning related agencies and organisations, mining, insurance and other private sector organisations.  Tony has wide experience and expertise in the definition, design and implementation of large-scale corporate systems, based on open standards and state-of-the-art technologies, with a particular interest in artificial intelligence.


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