Troubles with ICT Tribbles


Exhibit One

October 2007

I am in an environment that uses  a third party tool instead of sourcesafe that does not integrate with the IDE – fun, that.
Oracle stored procs – no dynamic SQL in the apps (double-bugger).  However I am going use my discretion on that issue.
They have got a consultant in to review their system architecture and he is recommending the Oracle SOA with a communication layer —  wait for it — consisting of the Oracle Enterprise Bus.  This of course makes all database requests onto the bus asynchronous, which requires a radical rethink of the way we develop our apps.  I’ve already made my position clear – ie I can live with Oracle (only just) but bus architecture – like, NO WAY!!!  Horrible memories of Infor are flooding back!!!  I am pushing hard for a standard client-server tiered archetecture – good old presentation layer, business-rules layer and data access layer (even if half the DA layer lives inside Oracle).  I want the business-rules to be served up by IIS web services, and seeing as we are a .net shop, I can’t really see any compelling reason why not, esp as our apps only service Keystart people on an intranet.  One other brilliant idea this consultant had is that the service layer should include Windows Services to handle long-running jobs like database bulk loads. The reason for this is that apparently Web services don’t like long running threads.  The only long running jobs that exist here are database bulk loads of 6-8 Mb, which only take a long time because the load process has been badly-written and takes about 2 hours.  If you use the ODAC bulk loader that amount of data should take about 10 secs max.  My solution – write a winforms app.  Should take me about half a day max.  Write a Windows service and a named pipes/TCP sockets comms protocol and handle any concurrency issues?  Half a month if I’m lucky.  So much for consultants.  You should read his report – 23 pages, the first 19 of which was Computing Science 101, the rest actually addressing the issues – (see above).
To add insult to injury I have to go on an Oracle SOA course in November.  Can’t wait for that one!!!
Any vacancies down there???
Actually I shouldn’t complain.  This is actually pretty much a greenfield site, so I should be able to get the powers-that-be to see things my way and do things thay way they should be done.  They guy I work with I’ve known for years and he sees things my way as well, so hopefully it will all work out.  Otherwise I will be looking around for SQL Server opportunities.


PS – This is not MY story – just a random story from the internet
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